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Hi, I'm Jan Kraus

I photograph, run, eat plants, develop on the web, and blog about my life

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23 August 2020Personal journal1 min read

Moin, moin Hamburg!

It was a bit spontaneous decision, it happened quickly, it took almost 3 months of efforts, but here we are. We’ve finally completed our move to Hamburg, Germany! Good Bye London We’ve spent the last…

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01 June 2020travel3 min read

One week in Portugal

In the middle of March 2019, we’ve paid a short visit to Portugal, visiting Lisbon, Porto, and some places along the way. This photo story is a short memory of this travel. Note that this entry was…

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17 May 2020travel6 min read

Memories from Scotland

In October 2018, we went for a short trip to Scotland. It was our first visit there, and we were eager to find out what it’s gonna be like… Our itinerary was packed with many places we wanted to see…

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23 April 2020blogging1 min read

COVID-19 f****d everything

It’s not an understatement to say, that the life of every human on earth was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic… COVID-19 fucked our comfortable life bubble. It has been almost 2 months when the…

07 March 2020photowalk3 min read

Growing plants underground in London

Who would have thought about the idea of growing plans deep underground? Well, maybe in some post-apocalyptic movie, but in real life, that doesn’t seem straightforward, right? I was surprised too…

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