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23 April 2020blogging1 min read

COVID-19 f****d everything

It’s not an understatement to say, that the life of every human on earth was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic… COVID-19 fucked our comfortable life bubble. It has been almost 2 months when the world is dealing with pandemic caused by Coronavirus. I won’t go into detail or implication around this…

04 February 2020blogging2 min read

Beating January blues

We all know how it starts. Beginning of the year, we start the month with a head full of ideas and a heard full of hope. And then live gets us. One day after another, we need to face the challenges of our usual lives. We feel down, tired, and lacking energy. We slip, make bad choices, or retract to…

19 January 2020blogging1 min read

It's null until you ship it

This is exactly the status of my blog. It’s not existing for anyone, even though it has been under work for the last couple of weeks. I struggle sweating over typography details, style of the photo gallery, compositions of the components, and so on. In the end, it doesn’t matter that much. These are…

27 October 2019blogging2 min read

Hello World Blog

Who starts a blog in 2019? Is it still a thing worth doing? Who will even read this? What platform should I use? What about should I write? So many questions before I even start questioning if I should also be doing this. Yet, if you are reading this, that means I didn’t quit, and I published my…

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