Beating January blues

An image of the Lodon Eye, as seen from west bank of Thames River, captured in January, 2020

We all know how it starts. Beginning of the year, we start the month with a head full of ideas and a heard full of hope. And then live gets us.

One day after another, we need to face the challenges of our usual lives. We feel down, tired, and lacking energy. We slip, make bad choices, or retract to old habits.

I’m happy to say that I’ve avoided that mood quite successfully, and I’ve done some work this month that makes me happy.

On running

While I do have some goals in mind for 2020, they are not so clearly defined yet, so I’m giving myself some time to experiment and try to find something that will stick.

Although this is not entirely true - I do have one big race that I’ve already signed for: The Arran Skyline. I will start a regular training plan for it in March.

So in January, I wanted simply to move more (comparing to December), and I did it. I’ve logged around 95 kilometers, including three long runs of 15km each. Aimed for maybe one of those to be half-marathon, but the truth is, I was not yet ready for that. Maybe this month.

On creative work

Another unspecified wish was to put more effort into my photography passion. It appears that January was quire fruitfull in creative work. I did some street/city photography and explored cool underground farm in London! I’ll cover that in different post.

A photo from the visit at Growing Underground farm in London
A photo from the visit at Growing Underground farm in London

As usual, I’ve also portraited some squirrels playing in the backyard.

This blog also received some small updates - no as much as I’ve expected but enough to make it work. I need to finish tweaking the look and feel for mobile devices and adjust some meta/SEO details.

Off to beat February too

February is the shortest month of the year, so I have a few days left to match up for January’s training volume. It should be possible: I’m aiming for around 25km per week.

I’m going to also have at least one morning / sunrise session somewhere in the City.

Looking forward to this!

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